Intex - Musical Instruments Distributor

Intex Musical Instrument Distributors began under the Intex banner in 1997 however had been distributing under other trade names and styles since 1965. The founder of Intex has been actively involved in the ownership and management of the distribution of musical instruments since 1965 providing him with an impressive position amongst select instrument manufacturing companies around the world. His knowledge, experience and stature in this industry are unsurpassed.

The management of Intex have been directly involved in the distribution of musical instruments for almost 40 years. Few other musical distributors have the experience and contacts of the people at Intex who have built a solid reputation with the instrument manufacturing community and their customers.

In addition to representing several manufacturers' product lines and brands Intex has a number of instruments manufactured to their exacting specifications under their own trademark protected brand names. The following are those products together with a brief description about the different qualities in performance and appearance for each Intex branded product.


A name synonymous with quality throughout in both appearance and performance. The Intex line of instruments clearly represent the highest standards demanded by professional musicians yet are priced so that amateurs can enjoy the experience of playing a professional, performance instrument. So certain of the quality of these instruments that they alone carry the Intex name.



The TCM line of Intex instruments are apart from all others, they are simply put, the top of the line. These instruments set the bar by which all others follow. Consistently giving the best performance of all other instruments and brands, they compare and in fact, challenge the best of the best.



The regality of the name is reflected in the quality of the Baron instruments. These instruments are solid performers with classic lines to each instrument group. The Baron is an affordable instrument that will deliver to its owner time and time again, never letting him down.



A classic name for a classic instrument, the Strauss line of pianos are truly the pianist's choice for quality and beauty.



European engineering in the Heilmann line of Intex pianos as well as European style and grace in their finish. Definitely a must-have piano for the pianist.


**In addition to the Intex brands of musical instruments, we carry and distribute the brands of several manufacturing companies from around the world.


Sunrise manufactures a full line of musical instruments including brass, woodwinds, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and more. Every instrument goes through stringent quailty control testing in order to meet and exceed international standards, their standards and most importantly, our standards.



Hand made guitars from Spain in dreadnaught, Spanish and Classical styles, these instruments are with few exceptions, works of art. The warmth of their sound is duplicated in the warmth of the rich woods and finishes. There are few words that can be used to describe these instruments, you only have to listen to the sounds they produce and feel the action to know that you have been blessed to play and perhaps own, one of the best guitars in the world.